I see the remnants of native populations in the faces of the “black” population, great singers, songwriters and storytellers of consequential influence. I dedicate my time in life to honor those who have come before me as our “indianness” becomes all the more evident in our population while it remixes with other people of mixed descent. In our eyes and cheekbones, the shape of our faces, our mannerisms, cuisine, and custom.  The portraits I paint of these people are as Indian as anything else I paint. The paintings are the bridge, the unifying aspect.  The collages, animation, storytelling, stand up comedy, they are all forms of painting to me. 


My work is chiefly concerned with memory, narrative, and color. The collage and multimedia work I produce includes western texts and photographs for both aesthetic value and as content- people trust newsprint.  My northwest coastal designs reflect the tradition of their own aesthetic sensibility and conform to a standard; the formal structure of Northwest coast art integrates spiritual and metaphysical ideas about the inseparability of one animal from another, or man from the context of his specific environment. These ideas reinforce the social necessity of cooperation and coordination. One image can coexist within another image without losing its integrity, or endangering its identity. This philosophical viewpoint is especially attractive to those of us representing multiple cultural influences.